24 agosto 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 7

A typical Summer kitchen job,
to enjoy then all the year through.

pelati sbollentati

Homemade lovely canned tomatoes,
 irresistibly fragrant when opening the lid,
proudly combining with pasta and pizza,
giving a unique touch of cooking glamour to the food!

pelati invasati-homemade canned tomatoes

This picture goes to Susan who launched BWW,
a weekly culinary photo event.

See you next week!

4 commenti:

Krithi's Kitchen ha detto...

Loved the lighting and also the first pic of blanched tomatoes!
Krithi's Kitchen

Simona ha detto...

Looks like you've been busy. Nice job!

Susan ha detto...

What a stash! Thanks for your very bountiful and beautiful shot for BWW, Cinzia!

Cindystar ha detto...

Krithi, thanks, I had to wait blanched tomatoes to cool so ... why not take a shot?

Simona, I was and still am, trying to make some more jars! :-)

Susan, thank you, it's quite a long job (but only because my quantities are always so big!) but plenty of satisfaction then!
13 settembre 2011 09:29

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