16 dicembre 2013

Christmas Black & White Wednesday - Week # 110

Time is going so fast
and only a few days to the most incredible, happier, festive week of the year!
Just a few blink of an eye to my b'day, my wedding anniversay, 
Xmas days and a long holiday time.

This is our last gallery of 2013,
BWW will take a break and be back with the New Year.

I am hosting this Christmas edition,
so let's share whatever Christmas is for you if you like.

I will be receiving your entries all Wednesday 18th through,
and, as it is my b'day, exceptionally on Thursday 19th morning too,
the gallery will be up in the afternoon then.

Please send your pictures to casacortella AT tin DOT it

mr. panettone
Mr. Panettone,
soon the recipe on-line, stay tuned :-)

Should you like to host please send me an email to casacortella AT tin DOT it
rules and host-line up here.
We have a group on Flickr if you'd like to join and share your pics,
  hashtag #BWFood on Twitter

6 commenti:

Lynne Daley ha detto...

So many wonderful celebrations for you! Hope to get a post to you tomorrow!

Soma ha detto...

Cinzia the email you have there is bouncing back. I cannot send the photos.

Cindystar ha detto...

Soma, sorry for the incovenient, I made a mistake, but now corrected: it's DOT it ;-)

Cindystar ha detto...

Lynne, thanks, will be waiting for you! ;-)

Unknown ha detto...

Wow, you must be very busy in this holiday month! Enjoy.

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks, S Roy, have a super wonderful holiday time too! ;-)

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