30 gennaio 2013

Stuffed Zucchini with Oat, Millet and Beluga Lentils - MLLA # 55

la ricetta in italiano qui

Susan is hosting this month MLLA#55 and I am bringing to her something special made with Beluga lentils, millet and oat: an explosive mix of vegan proteins!
I did not know Beluga lentils and they have been a pretty surprise to me: so small, black, glossy, named so bombastic, as much valuable as caviar for they are low in fat and high in protein and fiber.

Millet is one of the first grain used for nutrition. However, we completely forgot about it and now, in Europe, is considered food for birds, while in Africa still is one of the most popular cereals. It lacked gluten, it's nourishing and energetic, with more protein and more fat than rice, corn and barley. It's higly recommended in pregnancy and in ancient German mythology a goddess of fertility lived on Millet Mount.
In combination with oats is a winning mix, being these two cereals the most nutritious and protein.

 zucchine ripiene miglio avena

It is not properly the zucchini season but when I saw these beautiful round ones I could not resist to buy some, and got the idea for a tasty and exhaustive dish with lentils and grains.
Well, you know I live with a herd of hungry carnivorous wolves … they made me happy and eat one each, but stating it was a female lunch and soon after going for a BBQ set! :-)

zucchine ripiene miglio avena

Serving 6 Zucchini: 
a leek, finely sliced
a large carrot, diced 
a slice of pumpkin, diced 
extravirgin olive oil 
100 g beluga lentils * 
130 g millet 
130 g oat grains
 vegetable broth or  home made stock cubes
one shallot, sliced 
* boiled 15 minutes in water with a bay leaf, then drain

zucchine ripiene miglio avena

- Wash millet thoroughly under water till is clear and transparent. Toast a few minutes in a pan, then add two parts of water and a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20/30 minutes, until water has been absorbed. When cooked divide grains with a fork.
- Boil the oat grains in water for 20/30 minutes and drain.
- Remove the top from zucchini and gently scoop out the fleshl
- In a largepan slightly fry the leek in a little oil, add the carrot, pumpkin and two thirds of zucchini flesh cut into small cubes. Cook 5 minutes on medium flame, add salt.
- Combine the millet, oat and lentils with vegetables and mix well.
- Place zucchini in a baking dish and fill them with the mixture. Drizzle with a little oil. Add a little broth (or water and some ) on the bottom of dish and bake at 180/200° for 45/50 minutes.
- gently drizzle zucchini with the gravy after 30 minutes, if too golden cover with aluminum foil.
- For the sauce: put the remaining  ucchini flesh and shallot in the pan (the same used for the vegetables), add a ladle of broth and cook 10/15 minutes. Season with curry and turmeric and blend. Add salt if necessary.
- Serve each courgette with a couple of tablespoons of sauce and garnish with some Beluga lentils.

  zucchine ripiene miglio avena 

6 commenti:

Susan ha detto...

Beautiful, healthy dumplings! What a special treat, Ci. Most festive.

Thank you always for joining in MLLA!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thank you, dear Susan, and all my best wishes for your new ventures! ;-)

Unknown ha detto...

...sarà l'orario che mi fa venire l'acquolina in bocca, saranno anche le foto invitanti ma devo dirti che non riuscivo più a staccarmi dalla tua gustosissima ricetta. Buona serata Rosi

Cindystar ha detto...

Lilli & Rosi, grazie, prossimamente voglio provarci con le cipolle :-)
Buona serata a te!

saffronstreaks ha detto...

Hi Cindy

I have never seen this variety of zucchini, and loved the idea of stuffing it making it complete meal in itself. just the my kind of dinner.


Cindystar ha detto...

Hi Sukanya, they are quite popular here in Italy, they taste sweeter and they suit so much to be stuffed. But you can use normal zucchini, big size :-)
Or else try with onions too, they have to be baked a little in the oven first, then emptied and stuffed and back to the oven for a little.

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