5 ottobre 2013

Celebrating Black & White Wednesday 100th Edition

This week we celebrate
100 weeks together with Black & White Wednesday!

I would like to thank Susan, first of all,
the charming creator of this event,
her new idea and first post goes back to July 2011.

Since then, 
hundreds of amazing and talented b/w pictures
have found a place in the weekly galleries hosted in your blogs.

I would like to thank her a second time
as she truly believed in me and gave me the chance 
to be the new admministrator exactly one year ago.

So it looks like to be a double celebration! :-)

But I would mostly like to thank all of you,
old fellows and newbies,
for your patience and your support,
for being always present and talented.

Each picture you share in the galleries is important,
even speechless can say a lot,
everybody can get his/her personal unique sight
and that's the best gift we can share together.

T H A N K    Y O U !

Let's toast together in this special occasion,
a sparkling bottle is in the fridge,
a special glacette is awaiting on the table ...

... but first will hold your names,
and a magic hand will grab the lucky winner!

tuba portabottiglia - top hat bottle holder

I'm going to send to the lucky one a copy of Verona InCantata,
a book of photographs shot by Luca Sguazzardo,
a freelance journalist from Verona (my town), very fond of rock music,
during some concerts in Arena, Villafranca Castle and Soave Guitar Festival.
Just a few names in: Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Kiss, Carlos Santana, Neil Young.

Will also add this little guide,
should you ever come and visit my region :-)

Good luck to all! :-)

I will be receiving your entries till Wednesday, 9th October, midnight Rome time,
to give you more time to participate,
and exceptionally the gallery  and the name of the lucky winner
will be on line early on Thursday morning, 10th October.

There is always a free place to host a week,
check out the host line-up here and sign in for yours!

3 commenti:

Susan ha detto...

I'm in, Ci! I shall have a photo to celebrate the occasion. Thanks for accepting the helm. BWW has moved onto very good and devoted hands. : )

Cindystar ha detto...

Susan, more than welcome, thanks so much :-*

Lynne Daley ha detto...

I'm totally excited about the 100th edition of BWW! Can't wait to see all the entries!

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