14 marzo 2012

Black & White Macaron Testing

I recently followed a cooking session about macarons at Le Tamerici, in Mantua,
so willing to know secrets and tips to be a perfect maker,
  after tasting colorful temptations by Pierre Hermé and Gérard Mulot in Paris.
Davide Boidi from Cioccolato Giraudi was our teacher,
he showed us how to play with  egg whites, icing sugar and almond powder
to have delicate and so trendy sweet meringue-based confectioney.
He was also so kind to give all of us 
some of the chocolate and buttercream filling we used.


Once at home I could not resist and try my first experience with this treat.
Well, not so good-looking because some were empty at the bottom
(cooked a little bit too much)
but actually a surprise when filled and let rest a day in the fridge:
the ganache cream (filling) released moistness to the biscuit,
making it turn softer and more tender, very delicate!


One more reason to insist with macaron testing! :-)

 And a bit of sweetness for lovely Susan.

2 commenti:

sare ha detto...

They look fantastic.
Will you share the recipe with us?
See you,

Cindystar ha detto...

Sare, of course I will, stay tuned! ;-)

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