1 giugno 2010

Mafalda - Sesame Sicilian Bread - BBD # 30

la ricetta in italiano qui

This month we are all baking with Natasha of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies for BreadBakingDay#30. Theme of the month is Breads with a Twist: braids, plaits, breadsticks, pretzels, buns in knots ... I made most all of them, but never give this traditional Sicilian bread a chance to be known and appreciated by my dear baking fellows of this event.

mafalda - twisted bread - bbd 31

Mafalda is a symbol of the city of Palermo. It is a very old bread featuring the bakery tradition of Palermo and all Sicily. It is one of the most common breads, mainly sold in deprived and popular areas of the town. Durum wheat semolina gives a particular taste and texture to the loaf, and sesame seeds reveal the numerous foreign invasions occurred to the city during the centuries (Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, French and Spanish have all left unmistakable traces of their stay).

This is Simili sisters' recipe.

mafalda - twisted bread - bbd 31

Ingredients for 2 loafs:

350 g. durum wheat semolina
150 g. plain flour
about 300 g. water
20 g. fresh yeast
10 g. salt
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon barley malt
sesame seeds

- Mix all ingredients in a bowl, beating until the dough is firm, not too soft, pour on working surface and knead and beat for 10 minutes. Do not place all the water immediately, but a little by little and eventually add it all to the mixture if necessary.

- In stand mixer: put all flours in the bowl and start kneading with a little water (where yeast has been dissolved), then add oil and malt, at last add salt and as much water as the dough needs. Knead until the dough is well strung on the hook. Then pour on working surface and knead and beat for 5 minutes.

mafalda - pane siciliano

- Put everything into an oil greased bowl and let rest for about an hour, until doubled.
- Gently pour the dough on the table, work a little, then divide it in half and shape into 2 long, thin rolls, about 80cm.
- Shape a sort of a coil with each, up to the end of the roll, lift the last stretch, pass over the coil and set the end under the coil. This shape is called Mafalda.
- Brush with water and place over the sesame seeds spread in a tray.
- Place the breads on baking sheet and let rise covered for about an hour and a half.
- Bake at 210° for 15 minutes, then lower to 190°/200° for 10 minutes, then place the loafs on the rack and cook 15/20 minutes more.

mafalda - pane siciliano

Questa ricetta partecipa all'Abbecedario Culinario, organizzato dall'intraprendente Trattoria MuVarA, per la regione Sicilia ospitata dalle amiche A.B.C. di Fragoliva.

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10 commenti:

NKP ha detto...

I have never seen bread shaped like this before - I love it! Can't wait to try it.
Thanks so much for doing the twist with me this month!

Vicky ha detto...

qui sento odore di gemelline... :-)
Bellissimo pane, brava!

CarlottaD ha detto...

Mi sembra perfino di sentirne il profumo

natalia ha detto...

Ma che bontà Cinzia ! è proprio bellissima !

Unazebrapois ha detto...

Che spettacolo!!!Come al solito ci fai sognare ad occhi aperti!!!

Daisy ha detto...

aiuto..ma tu lo sai che il mio futuro marito e' siciliano e lui le adora??le devo fare assolutamente!!!!!!!
un abbraccio,de

FOODalogue ha detto...

You need to open a bakery and ship to the U.S.!

Dewi ha detto...

Your entry once again is gorgeous!

Did you know that I borrow your twisted (Kranz) idea for making my sweet potato rolls?

Chef Dennis Littley ha detto...

OMG.....that bread is spectacular!!!!! I have to try that!
thanks so much for sharing!

Cindystar ha detto...

Natashya, it was my pleasure, and more when it is something a like and towards somebody I admire!

Vicky, e senti molto bene, ma che olfatto!

Carlotta, peccato che sparisca in fretta!

Natalia & Zebra, grazie!

De, ma davvero?...allora non puoi esimerti, e poi in un colpo hai due pani, sei a posto per la settimana!

Joan, you quite read in my thoughts!

Elra, thank you, I saw your rolls,we could call Twisted Sweet Potatoe Kranzerry Rolls!

Dennis, thank you, and please let me know if you give a try!

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