11 giugno 2010

Pink Ladies Menu for Pink Saturday

I have been silently following Kay Ellen for a while, admiring her gorgeous pictures on the Flickr group Apparecchiamo! I belong to as well. She is very talented both in tablesetting than in photography, her album For the love of dishes is amazing, and zapping on the web I discovered Kay Ellen design and How sweet the Sound, where Beverly's carrying on a weekly appointment called Pink Saturday.

A few days ago I participated to Giulia's contest about preparing a nice dinner for two spending only 15 euros, not a cent more, and I think my Pink Ladies Menu could fit for the event.
I let myself be inspired by spring and the first blossoms in my garden, where pink is the most common color. Well, to tell you the truth, we had to wait such a long time this year to enjoy warm temperatures and sunny days, May has been an awful month indeed, but eventually Spring came along in all its beauty.
So, I planned a light and fresh menu, quite Pink, to share with a dear friend, quietly seated facing each other, sipping our welcome cocktail in front of a wonderful sunset I am so lucky to enjoy quite every night!


Mise en place
mise en place
green runner by Ikea
mats by Solimene Pottery in Vietri
hand wash basins with rose petals and lemon slices

mise en place
floral decoration with variegated ivy,
flowers of cocktail rose, rose canina and pyracantha
napkin tied up with ivy and garnished with a cocktail rose

pink lady - aperitivo
Pink Lady

panzanella/fritto italiano/raita - antipasto
Crunchy Panzanella
Italian Fries
zucchini flower, a zucchini slice and a sage leaf
dipped in a batter made with flour and beer

arrosto di pesce - piatto principale
Roasted Salmon with Mashed Peas

minipie cioko lamponi - dolce
Chocolate Mini Pies with Fresh Cream and Raspberries
for the cream I just combined a little yougurt with a little mascarpone and some lime drops

Welcome to my table,
please have a seat and enjoy!

19 commenti:

FOODalogue ha detto...

I wish I was the friend that was sitting across the table from you -- beautiful menu, beautiful table, beautiful view!

Petunia ha detto...

Oh my goodness these are just beautiful! The setting, flowers food and the way you photographed them are exquisite AND I'm hungry too! Happy Pink Saturday and thank you for sharing.

CC ha detto...

Such a lovely post.., your tablescape was just gorgeous. Happy Pinks..

Dru ha detto...

Wow! Beautiful menu and tablescape and what a lovely view! Welcome and Happy Pink Saturday!

Char ha detto...

Oh, that's all so pretty. Pink and green together are the best. Fresh and lovely with great food. I would love some of everything right now. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Ann ha detto...

Welcome to Pink Saturday. I love the tablescape. Every thing looks so beautiful, the colors are smashing. The food also looks so delicious, wish I could join you.

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse ha detto...

Hi! Happy Pink Saturday :) Your photos are fabulous...the food looks lovely and so delicious....making me hungry!!

Warmest, Brenda

Dewi ha detto...

What a gorgeous table arrangement Ci. Very summery, cheerful, and vibrant!

My name is Riet ha detto...

Wow, how beautiful your pictures of that glamorous food are. Wonderful.
Happy pink Saturday
Riet, The Netherlands

Jorgelina ha detto...

Welcome and happy pink saturday!!

Rebecca ha detto...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! GORGEOUS and YUM-O! Have a blessed weekend.


Susie Jefferson ha detto...

The mini chocolate and raspberry pies, and the Pink Lady cocktail are my favourites! Wish I lived a little closer.

Welcome to PS - Pink Saturday is a lovely place to be!

il sapore del verde ha detto...

Semplicemente fantastico... tutto, dai colori alla tavola imbandita al cibo. Meraviglioso pink! A presto. Deborah

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall ha detto...

love the pink dishes...
it looks delicious and fun!

Maison Mutt ha detto...

Ohhhh I want to sit at your table (please place me right behind the Pink Lady)! Beautiful color choices and fabulous pictures. Stop by sometime to say "Hi" (i'm new too). Niki

Beverly ha detto...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Cinzia. I am so glad you decided to participate.

I believe you have been following and enjoying Kay Ellen's gorgeous table settings and photos. Kay Ellen often participates in Pink Saturday here with me at How Sweet The Sound.

Your table setting is stunning. Every element is perfection. And, your meal looks delicious.

Anonimo ha detto...

I'm still visiting all great Pinkies! So happy belated Pink Saturday to you! Love your post, thank you for sharing! Esther XX

MªJose-Dit i Fet ha detto...

Que presentacion mas estupenda!!!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks everybody!
Happy Pink Saturday to all!
Wish I could have a seat for each of you at my table.

Deborah, grazie per la visita, un caro augurio per un w.e. pink!

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