18 gennaio 2015

Pink Delice, Canadian Long Dring

la ricetta in italiano qui

January 2009.
A long flight to Vancouver.
Followed by a shorter one over endless snow sorroundings, landing on a frozen lake,
 last human outpost where stock up before the long driveway off to Alaska.

At last arriving at the cozy Bell 2 Lodge.

The adventure is here.

So much intense and incredible days, where nature is The Queen,
desclaiming its magnitude
with breathtaking views and the vast immensity of gleaming and dazzling white lands.

 It's the reign of silence,
shortly interrupted by the the helicopter blades' buzz first

and then by a low lunge of the skis in the purest and untouched snow.

You feel so small in this boundless immensity, like a snowflake.

Yet so great to leave a mark in the infinite.

The kingdom of the expert skier, his most aspired dream,
that I could live through my husband's excited memories.

Even through great feast of giant crab claws.

British Columbia claims the original recipe of this refreshing long drink, as only raspberries which have breathed the air of the glacier and at the same time the Pacific air can develop a unique and vital perfume, so necessary.
But do not be put off by this dictates, even our local raspberries have a wonderful aroma, especially if freshly picked.
Even with the raspberry syrup, better to use the best on the market.
Recipe from laura Conti's book Drinks.

For each glass:

ice cubes
8-10 fresh raspberries
2 teaspoons raspberry syrup
1 tbsp raspberry brandy
2 dashes orange bitter
Champagne or Prosecco
slice of orange and raspberries for garnish

Place ice cubes in a tumbler , add raspberries, raspberry syrup, orange bitter and brandy and stir carefully and throughly.
Top up with iced Champagne or Prosecco (or any sparkling white wine) and garnish with a slice of orange and a raspberry onto a cocktail tick.

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