1 settembre 2012

Torta di rose - Roses Cake - BBD # 53

la ricetta in italiano qui 

Always last and always in a hurry but could not miss BBD, the monthly baking event Zorra started 53 weeks ago :-). If you are curious (as I am :-) just give a look to the Archive and enjoy how many different and amazing breads have been baked all over the world in these years!
C Mom Cook is the hostess of the current Bread Baking Day #53. She invited us to bake swirly breads.
This cake is a typical cake from Mantua, it's a sort of sweet bread stuffed with a lovely butter&sugar cream, ideal for breakfast and teatime. But you can change the cream at your pleasuree: any marmalade or jam will be ok as well as any favorite chocolate delight.
The name describes the shape of the cake, the swirls resembling roses of a sweet gourmand garden :-).

 roses cake

600 g plain flour
80 g caster sugar
30 g corn oil
2 eggs
200 g milk, home temperature
42 g fresh yeast
10 g salt
lemon zest

80 g butter
150 g caster or icing sugar
lemon zest

a 30 cm. diameter baking pan  for a large cake
a 26 cm. diameter baking pan for a regular cake and 3 or 4 single paper or aluminium molds

single mini rosecake

Cream: pour sugar and lemon zest in a little saucepan and cook at low fire until butter has completed melted, stirring occasionally until the mixture is homogeneous.
Dough: pour flour, sugar and lemon zest in the bowl of your kneader and start kneading at low speed. Add milk (better if lightly warm) little by little, oil and last beaten eggs. Finally add salt and knead at medium speed until the dough is soft and homogeneous (8/10 minutes).
Transfer to a working surface and work one minute by hand beating occasionally.

With Thermomix

Cream: pour sugar and lemon zest in the bowl, 30 sec. Turbo speed. Then add butter and mix for 2 minutes. 50° speed. 4 with a few Turbo shots  occasionally, pour into a bowl and set aside.
Dough: Without rinsing the bowl, pour sugar and the lemon zest of the dough ingredients: 30 sec. Turbo speed. Then add oil, milk and yeast: 1 min. 40° speed. 4. Combine eggs: 10 sec. speed. 6, add flour and salt: 1 min. speed. 6, 2 min. Dough mode.

making roses cake

Remove the dough from the bowl and roll it out on a lightly floure working surface in a rectangle about 40x60 cm. Spread the cream all over and roll from the long side into a long roll. Arrange and gently stretch the roll a little bit. Then cut into equal pieces of about 4/5cm. (mine were 15), starting first from the extremities.
Place the two ends in the centre of the pan (lined with parchment paper), the other pieces all around.
Cover with a larger bowl and let rise in a warm place until the roses will have leavened and joined together.
Bake at 160° for 30 minutes, cover with aluminium foil if the cake gets too much golden (mine were :-).

 roses cake

Just off the oven, brush the roses with a little honey to look more glossy.
For mini single cakes, use single pudding molds and decrease cooking time, 20 minutes should be enough.

roses cake

This recipe is also my entry to this week Susan's YeastSpotting.

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