8 ottobre 2012

Black & White Wednesday - a new season :-)

l'annuncio in italiano qui

I am very honored to announce I will be the new Administrator for BWW.

The event has been growing so much in this past year, showing so many incredible pictures of so many talented contributors and I loved so much to be part of it, enjoying and discovering new emotions and sensation with b/w eyes.
I know it's a great heritage, a sort of a new virtual baby to feed and nourish and will try to do my best to keep him in good health :-)
But a baby can't grow alone, needs good company and much love, and that's all up to you; I need your help, your suggestions, your weekly support to make him happy and wholesome. 
The weekly galleries will be the biggest thank we could share together!

Rules are simple and unchanged:

- Your clicks have to be  anything of a culinary nature or show anything related to food: an ingredient, a kitchentool, something in your kitchen or in a restaurant,  anything about food preparation/presentation/consumption, whatever your eyes can catch as a food speach.
- You can shoot either in b/w mode or in color, then process in b/w. You can use any effect you like but keeping the image in a monochrome/grayscale, with Sepia and Cyanotype tones allowed. No color details allowed.
- Approximate sizes of your pictures shoud be portrait/500 wide & 700 long - landscape/700 wide & 500 long - or 600 square.
- No need of a recipe, nor a story nor a location (but they are welcome if you like), simply a title for the picture is required.
- You have to post your photograph within the Tuesday of the week going on, so the hostess will be ready to blog about the Gallery on Wednesday (but latecomers might be accepted to the hostess' discretion). For those who use Twitter, Susan created a hashtag (#BWFood) to make it easier to find related conversations.
- You have to mention Black and White Wednesday in your post and link to this announcement and to the hostess' blog. Use of the logo is optional (I still maintain Susan's till the end of the year).
-  We also have a group on Flickr if you'd like to join and share your pics.

For any doubt don't hesitate to e-mail me.

There are always hosting weeks available.  
Please contact me at casacortella AT tin DOT it  if you are interested in presenting a gallery.

Black & White Wednesday - The Host Line-Up

Week # 53 October 10 - Cinzia of Cindystar - casacortella AT tin DOT it

Week # 54 October 17 - Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu - lynnylu AT gmail DOT com

Week # 55 October 24 - Simona of Briciole - simosite AT mac DOT com

Week # 56 October 31 - Halloween edition - Lail of With A Spin - elegancemeetschic AT yahoo DOT com

Week # 57 November 7 - Anusha of  Tomato Blues - anusapraj AT gmail DOT com

Week # 58 November 14 - Rinku of  Cooking In Westchester - rinkub AT aol DOT com

Week # 59 November 21 - Akheela of Torviewtoronto - torviewtoronto AT gmail DOT com

Week # 60 November 28 - Haalo of  Cook Almost Anything - haalo AT cookalmostanything DOT com

Week # 61 Dicember 5 - Rosa of Rosa's Yummy Yums - grandchamp AT gmx DOT ch
                                        (please pictures no smaller than 681x1024)

Week # 62 Dicember 12 -  Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook - thewellseasonedcook AT yahoo DOT com

Week # 63 Dicember 19 - Christmas edition - Cinzia of Cindystar - casacortella AT tin DOT it

Christmas Holiday Break

Week # 64 January 2 - Simona of Briciole - simosite AT mac DOT com

Week # 65 January 9 - Lail of With A Spin - elegancemeetschic AT yahoo DOT com

Week # 66 January 16 - Lynne of Cafe Lynnylu - lynnylu AT gmail DOT com

Week # 67 January 23 - Jehanne of The Cooking Doctor - thecookingdoctor AT gmail DOT com

Week # 68 January 30 - Haalo of  Cook Almost Anything - haalo AT cookalmostanything DOT com

Week # 69 February 6 - Sreevalli of Ammaji Recipes - valli.sunil AT gmail DOT com

Week # 70 February 13 - Alex of Food4Thought - food4thought AT hotmail DOT it

Week # 71 February 20 - Shruthi of Food & Clicks - 365sweetmemories AT gmail DOT com

updated calendar here

A big thank to Susan for trusting me and happy b/w shots to all of you! :-)

6 commenti:

jehanne@thecookingdoctor ha detto...

Hello Cindy
Happy to discover and follow your blog:-)
Can I host the B&W in January, if there is slot available?
Btw also check out my weekly Fabulous Food Fotography Friday on my blog, and do participate, would love some entries!

Cindystar ha detto...

Hi Jehanne,
happy to meet you :-)
Of course you can host in Jan, Week # 67 January 23 will be ok for you?
If so just send me your email address and I will promptly put you up in the list ;-)

Shruthi ha detto...

Hello Cindy,

Can I host B&W in February?


Cindystar ha detto...

Shruthy, of course you can, week # 71 Feb. 20 is free, will it be ok for you?
Just write an email to me with your details and I will sign you up ;-)

Shruthi ha detto...

Hello Cindy,
Just sent you an email.

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks, Shruthi, you are confirmed for Week # 71 Feb. 20 :-)

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