25 novembre 2012

Red Cabbage Soup - WHB # 361

 la ricetta in italiano qui

Last month I was in Turin at Salone del Gusto and had a lot of fun with friends.
On Saturday morning we visited  Porta Palazzo Market, the largest and one of the oldest European open air market for fruits and vegetableswith a section dedicated to the local farmers for direct sale.
Such a beauty for your eyes, ears and nose: an enchanting and quite intoxicating mixture of fragrances and aromas, a moltitude of funny and unknown to me vegetables, like the Chinese white pumpkin. Here all my pictures to see what I mean :-).

 zucca bianca

And in the local farmers'corner such a familiar and peculiar stalls, old men and women selling their prganic products and speaking about them with love and gratitude, giving suggestions and tips about their use in the kitchen. A very emotional moment, not just a sale but the feeling you are getting something genuine and cultivated with devotion.
One of these farmers is Mr. Enzo, working at Orto Alberto, a family farm just off Turin, where their motto is we do not use refrigerators to store our products as we collect them every single day.

con enzo

We stopped at his stall and had a nice talk with him, attracted and surprised to find Lovage, and for the first time in my life I could touch it.


I found this nice and easy recipe on their site, and should I go back to Turin in the future I won't surely miss that market and Mr. Enzo's vegetables!
It's a very delicious soup, despite its strong and perhaps alarming color, but cool and trendy in some way :-) ... fashionable too, as purple should be one of the hottest shade of the winter season (or was it last year? :-).
Anyway, do try it first and then you will be fascinated as much as my rascal and unbelieving boys were :-).

zuppa cavolo rosso

Serving 6/8:
a kilo Red cabbage
an onion
an apple
vegetable broth or made with homemade stock cubes
2 bay leaves
2 tablespoons potato flour, optional
some fried bacon, optional

- Slice onion, apple (unpeeled) and cabbage.
- Leave aside some slices of cabbage and put a few apple slices in the oven or in a non-stick pan to dry, will be used for garnish (I forgot the apple).
- Put onion, apple and cabbage in a large saucepan, add the bay leaves and cover with vegetable broth. Cook over medium/low fire for about an hour, an hour and a half.
- Blend the soup (remove bay leaves) to a smooth cream, season with salt (if you like you can add a pinch of chili).
- If you'd like to increase the creaminess of the soup dissolve the starch in half a glass of cold water and add it to the soup, let to cook 5/8 minutes more (I haven't done, it was creany enough).
- Serve the soup in bowls with fried bacon, if permitted by your diet, sliced dried apple and cabbage. A little fresh ground white pepper will give an extra taste.

This recipe is my personal entry to WHB # 361
hosted  by Bri from Briggishome
both for English and Italian edition.
Thanks again to Haalo who manages greatfully all events,
to Bri for Italian edition.
Thanks again to Kalyn for her successfull idea!
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