21 dicembre 2009

Sugar, cherry and choco cookies

Here the recipe for the lovely tiny biscuits I gave to Elra when we met in Venice last November.
I know I am late in posting but you know, time is a horrible enemy to fight against, it runs so fast and does not bother at all if you are in time for everything you have or would like to do!
Three different buiscuits for the same dough, three different taste. Choose your favorite! ... if in doubt ... let's have all three!
Recipe from Simili's sisters.


Zuccherini bolognesi -Sugar cookies

zuccherini  bolognesi

A sort of little rings, they are called Zuccherini that means little sugar cookiesand have originated in Bologna.
After a resting time in the fridge, you get little pieces of pastry at a time, make very small rolls (like a pencil) under your palms, cut in 4/5 cm. long each and tie up around your finger (as shown in the picture). You can make them bigger too, but I think the smallest the best.

Ciliegini - Cherry cookies


Make little balls of pastry and gently crush each ball with your finger, then put inside each hole half syruped cherry.

Cioccolini - Choco cookies


Combine some dark chocolate drops or finely chopped chocolate into the dough, (10% of the dough) make little balls and bake.

zuccherini e ciliegini

Bake at 180° until golden, might be 5/8/10 minutes, depending on size.


Recipe in Italian here

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