20 agosto 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 46

Last month in Elba,
calm sea and pleasant temperature,
 all is almost ready for our traditional Beach Party,
flowers decorate the blue fishy cloth,
candles wait patiently to be lit,

candles & flowers on the table

seagulls on the rocks as silent careful guardians,

 seagulls on the rocks

friends gathering around the flourishing table
with so many delicacies and food amenities,

laying the table

beach party  

waiting impatiently for  Grazia's ribollita, the guest star of the party.

beach party

Once again, year after year,
kids and grown-ups,
we are all happy, joyful and lucky to be together!

For lovely Susan and BWW, her weekly culinary photo event, 
she's hosting personally this week.

2 commenti:

Elizabeth ha detto...

That looks wonderful!

Cindystar ha detto...

Elizabeth, thank you, it was really a lovely night!

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