12 agosto 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 45

A sunny lazy afternoon,
trying to arrange a photo set
for Rustin Negàa, a Milanese meat&potato dish
(4 hours baking :-),
 suddenly a voracious intruder goes straight to tasting:
maybe the shot will be better after a positive comment! :-)

dodo all'assaggio-setting & tasting

For lovely Susan and BWW, her weekly culinary photo event,
this week co-hosted @ Chez Cayenne.

3 commenti:

Rosa's Yummy Yums ha detto...

A great shot! Hehehe, therefore I always make sure to take pictures when I'm alone... ;-P



Simona Carini ha detto...

Dopo un'attesa cosi' lunga, un assaggio e' d'obbligo ;)

Cindystar ha detto...

Rosa, so difficult for me to be alone, we are so many :-)

Simo, ma se tutti assaggiassero c'é il rischio che poi per cena non resti nulla :-)

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