5 agosto 2012

Bread Baking Day # 52 Round up - la raccolta

Bienvenue en France!

And welcome to the BBD # 52 Round up,
a very nice and gorgeous gallery
of what you/we have been baking in French style.
Thank you so much for your  warm participation!

Here below an interesting map 
Connie was so kind to send me
about all sorts of breads you can find in France
and their local place of origin.

But without any further ado,
let's have a bite of every single bread you baked, 
their fragrance is still coming out my screen :-)

La boulangerie du BBD est heureuse d'offrir:

Heather from Girlichef - Indiana, USA

 Gougères – French Cheese-Profiteroles
Katha from Katha-kocht - Berlin, Germany

Connie from My discovery of Bread - Thailand/Netherlands

Wouter from Save Sourdough - Limburg, Belgium

French Fougasse
Shelley from C Mom Cook- Pennsylvania, USA

Pain d'Epi
Sandra from From-Snuggs-Kitchen - Seeheim, Germany

Zorra from 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf - Andalusia, Spain

 Stefanie from Hefe und mehr - Engelskirchen, Germany

Christine from Ninive -  South-Western Germany

Cathy from Bread Experience - Atlanta, Georgia

Chaosqueen from Chaosqueen's kitchen - Lübeck - Germany

Judy from Judy's Gross Eats - Ventura, California, USA

Recipes in Italian

Kri di Tutto a occchio - Trieste, Italy

la mia ricetta

Hope everything is ok, but if I have accidentally not included your post, please e-mail me again and I will happily correct the list!
Shelley from C Mom Cook is the host of next BBD # 53, don't forget to check out in her blog what the new theme will be, announcing will be on-line on August, 6th.

Let's bake again together and forever!

3 commenti:

Cristina Oltre le apparenze ha detto...

Che bella raccolta di pane, mi viene fame... grazie è stato bello partecipare. Bacioni Kri

Heather S-G ha detto...

Beautiful roundup - I want to try each and every one!

Cindystar ha detto...

Kri, grazie, e alla prossia panificazione! :-)

Heather, thanks, suppose we'll meet pretty soon baking somethin French with the Babes :-)

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