30 novembre 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 21

My favorite place in the world,
my favorite hotel in there.

An awful rainy day brightened up
by a funny cooking class in the super kitchen of the hotel:
chef Giuseppe showed us how to make Scialatielli

making scialatielli

Enjoying making pasta while drinking lovely Prosecco!

Thanks to Daniela, Faith & Bob, Vera & Gary, Rebecca & Matt, Key & David,
nice entertaining companions in this adventure!

This picture goes to Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook for BWW,
the successful weekly culinary photo event she launched a few months ago.

See you next week!

4 commenti:

ElisaPavan ha detto...

belli quegli scialatielli, dev'essere stata una bella lezione :)

Azzurra ha detto...

Bello fare la pasta!

Gio ha detto...

ottimi con il pesce! :P

Cindystar ha detto...

Belli e buoni, in tutte le salse!:-)
Un abbraccio e buonissimo w.e.!

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