4 aprile 2012

Black & White Savory Pastry Baking Class

Last month I had the pleasure to attend a baking class with Luca Montersino,
one of the most talented pastry chef in Italy.
Born in 1973 in Piedmont
in 2004 he gave birth to Golosi di Salute * in Monticello d'Alba, near Cuneo,
the first healthy pastry shop, 
because his belief relies on genuine and unadulterated ingredients.
The immediate success is overwhelming.  
TV anchorman at Alice,  one of the most popular kitchen television network,
author of numerous kitchen and pastry books, 
he opened more shops then in Tokyo, New York, Turin.

* Golosi di salute is a lab/shop about good and tasty pastries for those who like to indulge in the pleasures of the palate in a light, natural and seasonal way, with no preservatives, no hydrogenated fats or refined oil; a pastry good not only for people with specific diseases or allergies, but for all, a pastry made ​​with a series of quality ingredients called "unconventional" such as kamut, spelled, brown rice, grape sugar, fructose, apple sugar, malt, extra virgin olive oil, and many others.

a remarkable jewel in the kitchen

ready to use

men @ work
men @ work, Luca & Stefano, his assistant

savory pastries
savory pastries and bubbles

  For lovely Susan

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