11 aprile 2012

Black & White Wednesday Week # 28 - Moroccan Street Food

Street food life in Marrakech


fruit carts plenty of strawberries, 
bananas and citrus

 bananas & citrus

bread for sale, 10 dirhams a piece


placing pitas on the tray of the cart,
young boys will help too

guys selling bread

taking bread to the city wood stove

still somebody loves to knead her own bread
going to the common wood stove to bake it, 
at a very cheap price,
asking kids for help too
waiting to be collected

@ the butcher's
that piece of meat, please

 mini supermarket
 such a rich variety @ the supermarket

turnips & tomatoes
only turnips and tomatoes today

selling lemons, carrots, peas
stop here: lemons, carrot and peas from my garden

@ the greengrocer's
@ the greengrocer's corner

legumes & spices

don't forget legumes, spices and garlic

garlic & spices

all cereals and the best couscous

ovens for sale
 need help in the kitchen?

cooking street food

got hungry while shopping?
lift the lid, choose and fill your sandwich!

  For lovely Susan

6 commenti:

marsettina ha detto...

che belle foto!!!

Cindystar ha detto...

Grazie, cara, todo bien? Bacioooo!

Arnalda Gourmet ha detto...

Ciao felicissima di averti conosciuta e scoperto il blog!a presto! un abbraccio!

Cindystar ha detto...

Ciao Arnalda, grazie della visita e ... non ero propiamente e fisicamente io ieri, ma ti spiegherò tutto in una mail :-)
A prestissimo!

Simona Carini ha detto...

Bellissima galleria di immagini!

Cindystar ha detto...

Grazie, Simona!

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