18 aprile 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 29

Funny weather in these days,
cold and rainy, a little sun occasionally,
but we needed water, we had a very dry winter.

Nature is awakening and preparing to offer all its best.

My apricot tree is so plenty of fruit,
suppose I will have a great harvest in a couple of months.


Gorgeous small green hairy balls
will turn into a nice and scented jam,
if we can resist to eat them all!


A small bunch of grapes has blossomed on the red foxy vine,

uva fragola rossa-red foxy grape

but the white one is too shy to pop up, need a little more time,

uva fragola bianca-white foxy grape

then will I have enough for a lovely tiramisù or a Tuscan cake?

No hurry, just relax and wait for the sun and its huge hugs to grow!

For lovely Susan and BWW, her weekly culinary photo event.

3 commenti:

zorra ha detto...

Wow, so many apricots. My tree has only about 20 fruits...

Rosa's Yummy Yums ha detto...

Gorgeous clicks! I really love the first one.



Cindystar ha detto...

Zo, laast year my tree had less than 20 :-)
But I know that apricots trees are generous one year, and the next very miser, you'll be luckier then :-)

Rosa, thanks!

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