19 ottobre 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 15

Vietri sul Mare, a small tourist town on the Amalfi Coast,
famous for  its ancient tradition of ceramic craftmanship,

vietri sul mare 

one of the oldest and biggest factory, 

ceramiche solimene
 crockery, dinnerware, floor and wall tiles, 
still worked and painted entirely by hand,

ceramiche solimene 
brilliant colors,  lovely shapes, funny patterns,
all different but all nice,
can't say which one to choose,

ceramiche solimene 
a place I can't miss to visit when I am in the sourroundings,
where I could not stop my hands from touching every single thing,
kneeling on the floor, moving plates here and there
 looking for something special and new for the kitchen,

ceramiche solimene
happy when you find a souvenir of flavors and pleasant moments
you were lucky enough to enjoy in one of the best places in the world!

ceramiche solimene

Ceramica Solimene has been producing the Buon Ricordo plate since 1964,
for 111 restaurants in Italy and now 14 abroad, 
11 in Japan and one each in Hong Kong, Luxemburg and Vienna.

This picture goes to Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook for BWW,
the weekly culinary photo event she recently launched.

See you next week!

6 commenti:

kankana ha detto...

beautiful! If only I could find a place like that out here .. with such amazing collection of plates and stuffs.. you know Props :)

Unknown ha detto...

Quanti ricordi, in questi posti e tra queste ceramiche. Fino ai venti anni ho vissuto a pochi km da l', sul mare... grazie!

Cindystar ha detto...

Kankana, thanks so much, that place is the sort to get lost in for ... days and days! D'n't know Props, is tha a store? Could you please give me a link?

Teresa, quanto mi manca già la Costiera, anche io ci lascio il cuore ogni volta ed è custodita gelosamente e molto affettuosamente nell'anima!

Susan ha detto...

You lucky, lucky woman! Remarkable photos, Cinzia. You would have to pry me out of that shop. Thanks so much for yet another great BWW shot.

Cindystar ha detto...

Thank you,Susan, I love so much all the backstage for this event, find a place, an object, a story, or just a simply image that could speak and give a little emotion!
Have a nice long week-end (wwe are having 4 days vacation), Happy Halloween! :-)

Cindystar ha detto...

Kankana, oh silly me, now I know what Props means!!! :-)))

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