1 febbraio 2012

Black and White Snow

Today is Feb. 1st, a grey and cold day, we had also a light spray of snow in the night.

1 feb 2012

But today is also Wednesday,  supposed to be the day of the weekly appointment chosen by dear Susan a few months ago when she launched Black & White Wednesday event.
Susan is not feeling great at the moment and decided that BWW will be on hiatus until the spring equinox. 
But I got so used to post black&white pictures on Weds that I decided not to give up but still blog about some shots.
This will help me to improve my photography skills (so difficult! :-) and meanwhile be a virtual aid for a speedy and long lasting recovery ... sometimes web thoughts and interactions are miraculous! :-) ... take care and fingers crossed, Susan!

salia brinata-frosted sage
frosted sage

salvia innevata-snowed sage
snowed sage

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