29 febbraio 2012

Black & White Blooming Apricot Tree

blooming apricot tree

We are having sunny and warm days,
as the winter has already gone
and an early Spring is loudly knocking at our gardens' gates.

 blooming apricot tree

Those awful icing and freezing days seem so far away,
no more hats, gloves and scarves to wear,
a desire of bright and light colors,
a pleasure to see and touch flowers and plants
that slowly wake up from the long dark winter hibernation.

blooming apricot tree

My apricot tree is proudly full of gems,
as to early announce a rich harvest of fruits,
with my great satisfaction when will turn into the best golden jam.

blooming apricot tree

 For Susan.

4 commenti:

Ska ha detto...

Con che macchina fotografi?

Cindystar ha detto...

Canon 550 D con lente 17-85, sto cercando di imparare ad usare il 50mm ma faccio fatica :-)

zorra ha detto...

Mine is already blooming. Hope this year I can harvest some fruits.

Cindystar ha detto...

Zo,please do share a picture then! :-)
I adore apricots,and they are known as youth's fruit :-)

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