16 gennaio 2011

Tartiflette or Reblochonade - WHB # 266

la ricetta in italiano qui

Last spring my husband and Michi were in Megève for skiing competitions. They came back home with a huge basket of baguettes, frozen right away and eaten day by day for a long time, and two beautiful Reblochon.

reblochon de savoie

Reblochon is a soft cheese obtained from raw milk of the second milking and originating in Haute Savoie. It is also produced in some valleys in Piedmont where, however, can not be named as Reblochon because this name belongs only to the French cheese protected with designation of origin, according to the Italian-French agreement of 1964.
Reblochon is a very old cheese. The name comes from reblocher which literally means 'to pinch a cow's udder again'.
In the 14th century, cattle ranchers were taxed by the landowners on the amount of milk produced. So the milkers were ordered by the shephards not fully milk the cows. Milking was then completed after the landowners had finished their checks. This remaining milk, little but very rich and fat, was used by shepherds to produce their own cheese.
In the 16th century, the cheese became known as "milk of devotion" (Fromage de Devotion) because it was offered by the shepherds to the Carthusian monks of the Thônes Valley for having their homesteads blessed.
The most famous recipe with Reblochon is Tartiflette, a potatoes gratin, with onions and bacon or ham, which seems to have been born in the 80s to promote the cheese, as it was understimated and sold in very small quantities. It's a very tasty dish, where this unique and irresistible cheese matches so well with the sweetness of potatoes. During the winter season is often found in shelters' tables along the ski slopes, and it is a very comfortable dish, after a long run in the winter snow you will be delighted with a steaming tartiflette.
Today I baked again this gratin as I finally found the Reblochon here too, and will some more times as I know where to buy it!


Serving 4:
1 kilo potatoes
1 Reblochon about 400 g
1 onion
150 g of bacon or smoked ham
20 cl crème fraîche or fresh cream
extra virgin olive oil
minced aromatic herbs, optional

- Boil potatoes (I learned from my dear friend Antonella an healthier way: boil potatoes in salt saturated water, 230 g of salt per liter of water, they will remain firm and won't lose any nutritional properties), peel and cut into slices.
- Meanwhile, braise the onion in a little oil and set aside. Fry bacon and combine with onion.

tartiflette pronta x il forno

mini tartiflettes pronte x il forno

tartiflettes in forno

- Cut a third of Reblochon into small pieces. In a buttered pyrex pan place a layer of potatoes, a bit of onion and bacon mixture and cheese. cubes. Season with salt and pepper, add aromatic herbs (optional, I did not), pour half the cream and repeat the layer of potatoes with bacon and onion, topping again with the cream. Cut Reblochon in half and lay on potatoes with the crust side up.
- Bake at 180° for 20/30 minutes until golden brown, the last few minutes under the gtill if necessary.
- Wait a few minutes before serving, it's really hot and needs a little resting time to slightly thicken. It's very tasteful and I suggest just a simple salad aside.
- It's very nice if prepared in individual cocottes.


This recipe is my personal entry to WHB # 266 I am hosting
Thanks again to Haalo who manages greatfully all events,
and to Kalyn for her successfull idea!
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