1 maggio 2012

No-Knead Pizza - BBD # 49

la ricetta in italiano qui

This month Manuela from Cravo e Canela - Uma Cozinha no Brasil is our hostess for Bread Baking Day #  49, the great monthly event launched by Zorra some years ago. She invited us to bake Pizze or/and Italian Breads, well, a very familiar theme for me :-)
I decided to go  for pizza as it is a weekle must-to-do in my kitchen, all my guys, husband and guests (often my sons' girlfriends :-) are fond of it!
I have already posted several recipes for pizza and pizza snacks: Mini focacce and soft mini pizzas Slim Pizza - Pizza Snacks - Simili sisters' Pizza - Wood oven baked Pizza and have been used to bake for long Traditional Pizza & Kamut Pizza.
But recently I tried to make it starting from the classic recipe of the famous No-Knead Bread (who doesn't know or try it once? :-) and it turned out very nice and yummie, as my boys agree (but had no doubt since have been baking No-Knead Focaccia successfully for years and misteriously never blogged about, but soon will :-). Easier to do, it is soft and not too high, crunchy enough on the edges, adaptable to  every sort of topping flavour you like best.

 pizza senza impasto-no knead pizza

    For a 30x40 cm. baking pan:

    300 g remilled semolina flour
    200 g all purpose flour
    400 g lukewarm water
    2 tablespoons extravirgin oil
    2 to 10 g fresh yeast *
    12 g salt 

    tomato sauce
    diced mozzarella **

    * the amount of yeast is proportional to rising time, the more you leave the dough to rest the less yeast is used, I mean if you knead at 3 or 4 pm and you want your pizza ready by 8 pm you will use 10 g of yeast, on the other hand if you knead in the morning for the evening 5 g will be enough, the night before for the following evening 2 g are sufficient

    ** leave diced mozzarella in a colander to lose water in excess but if necessary gently squeeze between your hand before putting on pizza

    pizza senza impasto-no knead pizza

    - Mix flours and salt in a large bowl.
    - Dissolve yeast in water, add oil and pour slowly into the bowl, mixing with a fork. Mix until well blended, should not see any flour at the bottom. Cover with plastic wrap and let rise (better in a dark place, doughs are known to be shy, so put the bowl in the oven or in a cupboard or cover the bowl with a towel or blanket) in a warm place for the time occurred. This picture shows you how should be the dough after rising time.
    - Slip out the dough (will be sticky) onto the pan (lightly oiled but mainly in the center), then expand the dough with your greased hands (make an emulsion with the same quantity of oil and water, just mix with a whisk, and dip your fingers in it) throughout the pan. Sprinkle tomato sauce on top, some oregano and fresh basil leaves and a drizzle  of oil. Leave to rest 20 minutes.
    - Meanwhile turn on the oven to 230°. Bake pizza for 10/15 minutes, then spread mozzarella on top and back in the oven for 5/7 more minutes, lowing temperature at 200° or until mozzarella is well melted.

    pizza senza impasto-no knead pizza  

    Different garnishing are welcome, whatever combo you like will be your personal pizza.
    We like to give an extra sprinkle of grated parmesan on mozzarella, a classic white pizza is with ham and mozzarella (first bake naked pizza with just oil on top, like a focaccia, then add ham and cheese in the second baking time).

     pizza senza impasto-no knead pizza

    This recipe is also my entry to this week Susan's YeastSpotting.

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    FOODalogue ha detto...

    I want a piece. A big one!

    Cindystar ha detto...

    Will make a special one for you, Joan, which topping would you prefer? :-)

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