19 maggio 2009

Announcing Weekend Herb Blogging # 184

Weekend Herb Blogging has come to 184th edition and I am glad to announce I will be hosting!
Last week Marija's round up is here and please let's give her a huge virtual hug as she broke her toe, hoping she will recover soon!
WHB was created in October 2005 by Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen, you will find history here. This event has become popular in the years thanks to all bloggers participating with recipes and informative posts about new ways of cooking with herbs or unusual plant ingredients.
Since November 2008 Haalo of Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once has been managing this weekly event, all recaps here.

Simple and clear rules, youn can read also here:

- Post about any herb, fruit, flower, plant or vegetabl
- Entries must be written specifically for WHB, no other post-crossed events allowed
- Post must contain the phrase Weekend Herb Blogging, a link to the host of the week and her site, a link to Haalo and Kalyn too
- You can blog anytime in the week but email your post by:

3pm Sunday - Utah Time
10pm Sunday - London Time
11pm Sunday - Rome Time
7am Monday - Melbourne (Aus) Time

(you can use this converter to find corresponding time in your location)

When your post is blogged, please email me at cmc AT cindystar DOT it with WHB#184 in the subject line including the following details:
  • Your Name
  • Your Blog Name/URL
  • Your Post URL
  • Your Location
  • Photo: 250/300px wide
Recap will be on line on Monday, 25th May.

If you would like to be a WHB's host in the future please read Haalo's instructions here.

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