5 maggio 2013

Bread Baking Day # 58 - The Round Up

I've been hosting Bread Baking Day # 58 last month and was pretty delighted to receiìve so many healthy and rich breads onto my table.
Theme of the month was Bread with seeds and/or flakes and I'm very impressed of all participants' creativity and talent in baking their breads.
That allowed me to gather in this collection recipes from all over the world, from the very Far East to the Far West, from North to South, a baking popular friendship this blog event can combine.
Bread Baking Day was created by  Zorra in July 2007 and it is still popular as in the first days, you can find all fragrant recaps here.

And before taking a seat and enjoy the recap bite by bite, remember to stop by at Ninivepisces tomorrow, she will be hosting next edition # 59 and nobody knows yet what the new theme will be!
Aren't you curious too?

If comfortable enough, do enjoy the breads!

Seed triangles
Lien from Notitie van Lien - The Netherlands

Golden Hamster bread
Dosenwurstgesicht from Foodzeit - China

Champions bread
Stefanie from Hefe und mehr - Germany

Tanusree from Ma Niche - USA

my personal entry

Should I by accident miss anybody please e-mail me and I will promptly fix the recipe in the recap.

Happy Baking with Bread Baking Day!

10 commenti:

Verena Buschinelli ha detto...

wow!!! It is for sure a beautiful and yummi list of breads!
So happy to participate!
Thanks for hosting it so nicely!
Cheers brom Brazil!

Sarah R ha detto...

Wonderful roundup! Thanks!

Lien ha detto...

Wonderful round up with mouth watering breads!
Thanks Cinzia for hosting.

natalia ha detto...

Ma che meraviglia ! E'il mio paradiso ! Grazie Cinzia <3

Anonimo ha detto...

A real nice collection with more than one worth trying out!
Thank you!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks everybody!
And it's all your talented work! :-P

Grazie a tutti!
E' tutto merito vostro! :-P

Connie ha detto...

Thank you Cinzia for this delicious looking round up.

Cindystar ha detto...

Connie, thanks :-)

Foodzeit Blogger ha detto...

Big thanks also from China. See some breads here that I would love to make :)

Cindystar ha detto...

Chinawurst, thanks again for your participation!
Gretings from Italy, the other baking side of the baking world :-)

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