25 gennaio 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 27

I had a very busy and cahotic day
(all schools in Verona were evacuated around 10am after two minor earthquakes, 
but we had a major one in the middle of the night) *
and realized only in the afternoon it was Wedsneday,
so I took a simple shot with the first things I saw on my counter.
But when I downloaded the picture 
I was surprised and liked the reflection of the fruits on the table.

bananas-bww 27

a couple of shots for a couple of bananas

* luckily no damage to persons or buildings, so scared but everything is back to normal,
tomorrow schools still closed for buildings' control inspections: boys and girls are happy! :-)

This picture goes to Susan from The Well-Seasoned Cook for BWW,
the successful weekly culinary photo event she launched a few months ago.
b&w wednesday banner

See you next week!

2 commenti:

zorra ha detto...

Uff, I am glad to read everyone is well.

Like the reflection as well.

Cindystar ha detto...

Zo, yesterday in the afternoon another one, but we are getting used to it :-)
Hope it won't tremble stronger though!
Have a nice w.e.! :-) ... and join BWW sometime, it's fun!

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