8 gennaio 2013

Black & White Wednedsay - Week # 65

Lail of With A Spin 
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After the great festive party we need a pause from elaborated dishes,
better some healthier and natural food,
and legumes are pretty complete and satisfying.

Red Devil Beans

red devil beans

I discovered these giant dark beans some time ago,
they come from Tuscany, cultivated on the hills,
dried naturally on plants as they have a late harvest.

Delicate but intense taste, texture as a chestnut,
ideal for soups,
but excellent also just boiled and seasoned with extravirgin oil, salt and pepper:
they were my lunch today with some soft cheese.

I'm going to have a try in my garden next Spring,
climbing plants are very nice and can cover a fence,
but more than that, a single plant can produce one kilo of beans! :-)

 red devil beans

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2 commenti:

Tamtam ha detto...

Ciao Cindy, ho comprato gli stessi fagioli due giorni fa al biologico, sono d'accordo sul fatto che dopo i giorni di festa bisogna mangiare più sano...un caro saluto

Cindystar ha detto...

Che bella coincidenza, allora sfagioliamoci una zuppa detox :-)

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