10 ottobre 2013

Black & White Wednesday # 100 - The Gallery

It's a great pleasure for me to share with you 
the very talented pictures wou sent me
to celebrate this special edition of Black & White Wednesday,

thank you all for our faithful presence in the event.

Take a break from daily routine,
get a comfortable seat,
grab your coffee, tea or whatever you'd like to sip slow
and enjoy!

 Simona - Apple Crostata

 Pam - Leek

 Priya - Red Lentils

 Haalo - Apples

 Rosa - Full Of Promise

 Claudia - Hop Umbel

 Usha - Sliced Zucchini

 Meena - Fresh Red

tuba portabottiglia - top hat bottle holder

And now ... from the magic hat ... the lucky winner is ...

R O S A 
Rosa's Yummy Yums

lucky winner 100th edition


I'm very happy for her
(well, would have been for everybody, of course :-),
but she has a special touch in her clicks,
things look like to be real in her shots,
so fascinating.

Have to add what was my concerning funny  dream last night:
I was having lessons with two photographers,
practicing with one of their cameras with 50 mm lens,
shooting in black & white!
Shall I visit an exorcist? :-)

There is always a free place to host a week,
check out the host line-up here and sign in for yours!

Next week our host will be Urvashi of Budding Homemaker,
a warm welcome for her first time @ Black & White Wednesday!

We have a group on Flickr if you'd like to join and share your pics,
  hashtag #BWFood on Twitter.

10 commenti:

Lynne Daley ha detto...

An perfectly beautiful gallery for the 100th! Congratulations to Rosa! I have camera dreams too! You don't need an exorcist!

Priya ha detto...

That's a beautiful gallery Cinzia. And thank you so much for being such a wonderful organizer for BWW. Seems you have BWW even in your dreams ;)

And Congrats to Rosa. Indeed her photos have such a special touch!

pam ha detto...

What a great roundup! Everyone is so talented!

Rosa's Yummy Yums ha detto...

What a collection of gorgeous pictures! Wow, I am ever so happy to be the lucky winner of your giveaway. :-) Thanks ever so much!



Simona Carini ha detto...

Congratulations, Rosa! And great job everyone. It looks like Lynne, Haalo and I were on the same apple wavelength ;) Thank you so much Ci and many and many happy returns of the day.

meena ha detto...

Beautiful black and white gallery, Cinzia.Thank you for organizing and hosting it.
Congrats to Rosa.

Unknown ha detto...

Thanks for hosting the gorgeous gallery Cinzia. Perfect celebration for 100 episodes.

Many congratulations to Rosa!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks again to all of you, without your presence nothing would be possible! :-*

Simona, it's apple time, but be aware no ugly witches knocking at your door! :-)

Claudia ~ Food with a View ha detto...

What a wonderful gallery - I love especially the opening photograph, so lovely. Congratulations to the winner! And thank you for hosting, Cinzia, 100 weeks is a wonderful jubilee.

Cindystar ha detto...

Claudia, thanks for passing by, definetely those apple slices look like a naif painting!

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