16 ottobre 2017

Turin Grissini for World Bread Day

la ricetta in italiano qui

It's World Bread Day again!
As for many years Zorra has still invited us to share a lovely loaf of bread with and for her and the entire blog baking community.
Also the Italian Food Calendar is joining us in this big celebration, posting about some typical regional Italian breads and other amazing breads from all over the world.
A few years ago I visited Perino Vesco bakery in Turin, a gorgeous place where quality, genuineness and digestibility are the priorities at work: only Italian stone ground flours are used to enhance tradition, culture and love for the genuine product.
Andrea Perino has generously led us into his bakery, explaining step by step how to make these fragrant breadsticks: now it's time to give a try at home!

grissini stirati torinesi


1 kg all-purpose flour
600 g water
40 g barley malt
8.5 g fresh yeast
100 g extra virgin olive oil
20 g salt

You need a standing machine.
Knead water and flour at first speed for 5 minutes and then let the dough in the bowl to rest for 10 minutes so that the autolysis process is activated.

Then add the rest of the ingredients (malt, yeast, oil and salt at last) and work about 7 minutes, always at speed 1.
Continue at speed 2 for 10 minutes more, adding 50 g water. Allow the dough to rest for 10 minutes in the bowl or onto the working surface, covered.
Shape into  a long and narrow loaf (in this video Andrea Perino while shaping the loaf), flatter with hands and let it rest on a plastified surface, brushing oil over and under it (Andrea while brushing with oil), covering with a light plastic food film, for about an hour, until the dough becomes soft and manageable.

filoni a riposo
loaves resting time

Cut the dough into pieces about 50 g each, pass them in a mix of semolina/corn flour or sesame seeds and gently stretch them (in Italian we say iron them) until they reach the length of the pan (the long one for 90 cm large oven, lined with parchment paper). In this video, Andrea shows how to stretch breadsticks: the dough, after resting time, is very soft and will easily get to the desired length.
For a 60 cm baking tray cut the dough into 30 g pieces.
Let breadsticks rest for about half an hour, then bake at 200° for about 15 minutes (cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of the breadsticks and your oven).
Andrea while baking a huge tray of breadsticks and then coming out the oven, golden and crispy.

panificio perino

Andrea Perino - quality bread

 Traditionally Grissino was born in 1679.
The story tells that the Court Baker invented this kind of food
to feed the future King Victor Amadeus II,
unable to digest crumb.

In this shop the true hand-stretched breadstick.

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zorra ha detto...

I love Grissini, I have a recipe but I will try this one too. Thank you Cinzia for helping me every year with WBD! Besitos!

Gina ha detto...

I love grissini too! Beautiful!!

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