5 maggio 2009

BBD # 19 - Spring Country Breads Round up

Here we are with the final round up: 48 entries from 12 different countries! I am flattered!
It's been a hard and long work but I eventually made it. Thanks again to Zorra for giving me the chance to host such a great event and a huge thank to all of you for sending in such wonderful breads! It's been real fun for me to meet each and every one of you, and I did like to read your lovely, funny, interesting, yummie recipes and stories, and hope to try some time!

Well, no more words but enjoy your round up!

Alessandra - Con le mani in pasta
from Ancona, Italy

Casatiello di Alexs: a characteristic Neapolitan festive bread stuffed with salami, cheese and hard boiled eggs.

Panini al latte: a very soft dough for funny buns to be filled with whatever you like most, sweet or savory.

Asha - Aroma!
from NC, Usa

Spring Onion, Bacon and Cheddar Bread: a wonderful loaf to slice for the picnic but also lobvely if toasted with butter or on the side with a soup.

Suzanne - La Belle Aurore
from Querétaro, Mexico

Sundried Tomatoes Bread: very crispy outside, full of flavour inside, enjoy with a glass of Shiraz!

Priya - Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes
from Paris, France

Eggless Chocolate Zucchini Bread: an incredible mix for a bread, zucchini and chocolate, with yogurt, condensed milk and almond flakes... it does intrigue me a lot!... and you?

Soma - eCurry
from Texas, USA

Velikonocni Kruhki: Slovenian Easter Buns: traditional buns blessed in Zegen baskets on the Holy Saturday. Slightly sweet, with almond powder, raisins and wonderfully spiced with cardamom.

Aparna - My Diverse Kitchen
from Goa, India

Velikonocni Kruhki – Slovenian Easter Buns, eggless: it's always interesting to see the same recipe coming out in a different way, everybody has a personal touch! Aparna had these festive buns with cheddar cheese and cardamom, her favorite spice, matches wonderfully!

Tartasacher - Mil postres (1000 desserts)
from Spain

Pan trenzado de aceite de oliva -Braided olive oil bread: ideal for breakfast and brunch. The recipe is in Portoguese but a Google Translater is on the right sidebar.

Jude - Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté
from Chicago, Illinois, Usa

Potato, Cheddar Cheese, and Chive Bread

I learned from Jude not to throw away potatoes' cooking water, it helps softening the crumb and makes the crust more thin and crusty. I bet you would serve it with a side of sour cream and bacon aas Jude suggests too.

Natashya - Living in the Kitchen with Puppies
from Canada

Dilled Petits Pains: lovely cute buns of French Bread spread with dill, the best for hamburgers on a BBQ picnic! Nat gives directions to shape the same dough in different loafs and breads.

Jamie - Life's a Feast
from Nantes, France

Savory picnic quick bread with smoked chicken: from the first thing crossing her mind for a picnic (a sandwich with chicken, veg, cheese, fresh herbs) an amazing idea of mixing all together and
bake it in one loaf! ... surprisingly gorgeous!

Strawberry Pecan Muffins: strawberries are spring for me and these muffins are extraordinary tastefull!

Jamie has lived in Italy, France, Usa and in her posts she tells about all the places she visited and had a picnic with her family. Beautiful vintage pictures.

Vanesuky - Vanesuky entre Fogones
from El vendrell, Tarragona, Spain

Panecillos de leche - Milk Buns: lovely soft buns you would desire to have warm every morning for breakfast! Recipe is in Spanish but Google Translator is on the left sidebar.

Stefanie - Hefe und Mehr
from Germany

Pain d'Epi: for a special day spent in the garden with parents! And a clever idea to adapt baguettes to a small oven: cut them baguette five times on the right side and turn every second pices to the left side. Aren't they nice?

Zorra - 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf
from Andalucia, Spain

Chive Knots: our "charming President" has chive blooming in her garden and as flowers are edible too, you could add some in the dough!

Jan - Jans Küchenleben
from Stuttgart, Germany

Mini-Focaccia mit Pilzfüllung - Little focaccias stuffed with mushrooms: sorry, but the recipe is in German, need to find a translator

Zaira - La cocina de Zaira
from Spain

Trenza de pan de semillas de amapola - Braided poppy seed bread: a soft plait, I would like to have on my table every morning!
The recipe is in Spanish but a Google translator is on the right sidebar.

Ila - Bread&Wine
from Krakow, Polonia

Dandelion bread: a suprising smell and taste for this bread! You should read Ila's words about the power of this bread, which sensations and fragrances she feels inside.

Lien - Notitie van Lien
from The Netherlands

Pizza Muffins: very lucky muffins! ... Lien has been "5 minutes saved" but... just in case you might see a policeman writing a ticket for your car... better have some deliciuos muffins to offer him!

Glenda - Domesticated Engeneer
from Wichita, Kansas, Usa

Easter Basket Bread: a family tradition, well made by Glenda with the original recipe from either her high school days or her first job, long ago, but still up to date!

Yasmeen - Health Nut
from Cleveland, Ohio, Usa

Savory Scones:we usuallu think about sweet scones, but this savory version with fresh greens and lightly sweet carrots sounds so good and lovely as well! Yasmeen suggests to serve warm with favorite beverage: green tea, coffee or chai.

Gea - Koekje van eigen deeg
from The Netherlands

Cheese Grissini: looking at them, would you say Gea was not baking for a long time? She is very busy moving into a new house but she has not forgotten how to bake, has she?

Abbhirami - Soulful Creations
from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Usa

Fresh Pineapple-Zucchini bread: extravagant but deliciuos combination!

Stefania - Buoni e veloci
from Milan, Italy

Nancy - The dogs eat the crumbs
from Usa

Stud Muffin - Italian Cheese Bread from Rose Levy Beranbaum: Nancy gives such a nice description how to make this bread, a variation of an Italian Easter bread from Perugia, which needs to relax on a pillow!

Simran - Bombay Foodie
from Mumbai, India

Pesto Rolls: lovely and tasty rolls, but be sure to prepare pesto just a little time earlier or you could not have enough for them... and find somebody else with a full belly!

Alisa - Jane of many trades
from Nashville, Tennessee, Usa

Sun dried tomato flatbread: a spring combination, a nice and refreshing green salad with some warm flatbread. Dinner is ready!

Jacqueline - Toxo Bread
from Burlington, Vermont, Usa

Sausage Buns: directly from a Hong Kong style bakery! And accurate step-by-step pictures and instructions how to shape the dough.

Ivy - Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality
from Athens, Greece

Halloumi pull-aparts: actually these buns are made with graviera of Crete, but following Tina's recipe with Halloumi, a cheese originatin in Cyprus, made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep milk.

Natalia - Gatti, fili e farina
from Rome, Italy

Strawberry Muffins: my favorite fruit for muffins!

Backyana - Backen mit Backyana
from Germany

Hefezopf - Plaited bread: a delicate sweet plait, with raisins, candied lemon and orange peel to flavour.

Andreas - Delta Kitchen
from Germany

Cucumber pickle juice rye bread: what would a picnic be without pickles? Great idea for a bread!

Susan - Wild yeast
from California, Usa

Egg Bread: eggs symbolize the renewal and fertility of Spring, and Susan lists 11 things to love about them. She carefully describes the recipe, linking technical specifications for very step.

Laura - Tiramisu'
from Bay Area, California, Usa

Tomato Cheese Tart: this galette would be super in summer, when tomatoes are at their fullest. Surpsisingly, it's made with no yeast at all!

Cristina - La cucina di Cristina
from Bologna, Italy

Pizza e focaccia pugliese: same dough and same ingredients for two different preparations.
Pizza is with tomato sauce and mozzarella, focaccia with fresh cherry
tomatoes and kitchen salt.

The recipe is in Italian, English and Romanian.

Shelly - Adventures with the Woods
from Manhattan, Kansas, Usa

Parmesan Herb Batter Bread: a sort of focaccia with cream cheese spread on top. Super!

Judy - Judy's Gross Eats
from Ventura, California, Usa

Springtime Breads: Judy is lucky! Living in southern California she can have dinner outdoor quite all year round and one of her favorite food is hamburgers, grilled to perfection and served on homemade buns!

Andrea -You Eat Now
from Phoenix, Arizona, Usa

Cocodrillo Ciabatta: a sort of quick No-Knead Bread, and it s an amazing bread! But who knows why it's called Cocodrillo? Maybe because you follow a direct method, so you can be lazy like a crocodile and still make a delicious rustic loaf in one day with no advance planning? Whatever the answer is ... it is super! Look at those big holes inside!

Elle - Bread Baker's Dog
from Northern California, Usa

Spring Onion Stuffed Rolls: what is more Spring than Spring Onions? ...and they match perfectly both with cheese and fresh spinach.

Moira - Tertúlia de Sabores
from Lisbon, Portugal

Pão de Orégãos - Oregano Bread: a lovely shaped bread with oregano. The recipe is in Portoguese but there is a Google Translator on the right sidebar.

IDania - El aroma de IDania
from Madrid, Spain

Sweet Rolls: need a sweet bread for breakfast? This is a delicious, soft recipe!

Milla - Il mondo di Milla
from Italy

Treccia profumata all'origano - Oregano Plait Bread: a fragrant oregano bread made with sourdough.

Giulia - Rossa di Sera
from Anzio, Rome, Italy

Pizza di Pasqua al formaggio nel guscio - Easter Cheese Pizza in the
shell: a classical recipe from Umbria, Italy, usually served with salami and hams and hard boiled eggs. A very original idea to serve it in the shells of eggs inside egg paper containers! The recipe is in Italian, but Google Translator is on the right sidebar.

Antonella - Pane al pane, vino al vino
from Rome, Italy

Fragone: a sort of savory bread cake, that Antonella's aunt used to bake for the family. Filled with salami, edamer cheese, hard boiled eggs and a little bit of pecorino cheese. The recipe is in Italian but Google Translator is on the right sidebar.

Lory - Dolci e salate tentazioni
from Venice, Italy

Schiacciatine ai pomodori - Tomatoes Flatbreads: all ingredients for a good pizza mixed together, flatted and baked.

Danubio dolce: typical Italian, a sort of sweet pastry cake, small balls of sweet dough shaping a round cake. They can be filled inside with cream, nutella, jam, chocolate.

The recipes ar in Italian but Google Translator is on the right sidebar.

Cinzia - Cindystar
from Bardolino, Lake of Garda, Italy

Panini alle erbe aromatiche - Fresh Herbs Buns: my little buns are with basil, parsley, thyme or mint, spread with favorite seeds, shaped in flower, plait, dove, crown, to wish you a lovely Spring time!

Hope everything is ok, but if I have accidentally not included your post, please e-mail me again and I will happily correct the list!
Rachel from Tangerine's Kitchen is the host of next BBD # 20, don't forget to check out in her blog what the new theme will be.

Let's bake again together and forever!

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IDania ha detto...

It has been wonderful!!!! I love the roundup. Now we know where to look for great bread recipes!!!!.

Lory ha detto...

Favolose queste ricette, una più bella dell'altra e tu, Cinzia, hai fatto proprio un bel lavoro. Complimenti!
Un abbraccio. :)

Dewi ha detto...

Wow, these are truly amazing, talented bakers. What a delicious round-ups Cindy. I am sorry to not be able to participate this time.

Susan/Wild Yeast ha detto...

Wow, what an amazing collection of breads! Thanks so much for this, Cinzia.

Jude ha detto...

Thanks for the great roundup, Cinzia. So many colorful Spring breads to choose from!

Ivy ha detto...

Wow, all recipes sound so good I would like to try them all. Thanks for such a lovely roundup.

Aparna Balasubramanian ha detto...

Some more beautiful bread as usual. But my entry doesn't seem to be here. My BBD post is at http://mydiversekitchen.blogspot.com/2009/04/velikonocni-kruhki-slovenian-easter.html

Lien ha detto...

Grazie mille Cinzia, che pani buoni! Looking good, very good!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thank you!
My dear bakers, I have really appreciated all your works!

Aparna, sorry for that, don't know what happened, I really miss your email as well, but no worry, I will add your bread straight away!

Cindystar ha detto...

Elra, don't feel sorry, we'll surely have so many chances to bake together to come!
Big hug!

zorra ha detto...

Wow, well done Ci! And a big thank you to all the participant too. Unfortunately I have now no time to visit all the posts, but after my vacation I will do it.

Priya Suresh ha detto...

Hi Cindy..u have forgotten to add my entry, i cant see my bread, i have send again my entry through mail, pls do check:)

Cindystar ha detto...

Sorry for that, Priya, it seems I have been missing more than a mail... please send it to me again or just add the link to your post here and I will put it in the round up immediately!

natalia ha detto...

Dear friends how many and beautyful breads !!! I wish this was a real pic-nic ! Yummy !!

Aparna Balasubramanian ha detto...

Thank you, Cinzia.

FH ha detto...

What a wonderful collection of bread. Thanks for taking time for this event Cindy! :)

tartasacher ha detto...

Hello Cindy: Great Roundup. Fantastic recipes and work.

No sé si hablas español o lo entiendes. Yo si entiendo el italiano. Me encanta tu blog.

Baci e grazie

Moira - Tertúlia de Sabores ha detto...

So many beautiful breads here :)
I loved the ones in the eggs, trey're so cute.
I hadn't time to visit all the entries yet.

alexs ha detto...

grazie di avermi avvisata della pubblicazione, sei stata grande e come sempre hai svolto un lavoro sublime
baci Alessandra

Vanesuky ha detto...

Ciao Cindy,
Il giorno 30 aprile è venuto a trovare il mio contributo per la manifestazione BBD19. Non è raggiungibile? Non appaiono nel vostro estratto pubblicato ieri. La mia email è vanesuky22@hotmail.com.


Antonella ha detto...

Complimentissimi Ci'!!! Un gran bel lavoro!!! ;))
Bacio grande e sogni d'oro :**

Nancy/n.o.e ha detto...

Cinzia, you have been so busy with bread roundups! I love all of the different breads this month; every baker is so creative. We would have quite a picnic wouldn't we?


Bellissima esposizione di pani eccezzionale!!!Continuo a mandarti i messaggi ma non ci riesco, c'e' un dono per te, nel mio blog .

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks again!

Zo, happy holiday!

Priya, it is now posted!

Tartasacher, no abla español pero lo entiendo poquito! Muchas gracias!

Moira, I love the one in the eggs, too!

Vanesuky, I sent you an e-mail, did you receive it?

We had a wonderful picnic, hadn't we?

Grazie ancora a tutte, è stato un picnic meraviglioso!

A. Maria, grazie per il dono, passo a prenderlo subito!

Buon w.e. a tutti!!!

NKP ha detto...

Beautiful breads! What a great turn-out! Thank you for hosting, and all of your very hard work, Cindystar.

Anonimo ha detto...

So many amazing breads! What a beautiful round-up!

Stefanie ha detto...

This is a beautiful round-up! I like your discription to every recipe very much.
Thank you very much for hosting BBD!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thanks, my dear baking-mates!
Have a nice Sunday!

Vanesuky ha detto...

Te contesté al email.Te reenvié la receta.
No lo has recibido??


Vanesuky ha detto...

Ho ricevuto la tua e-mail, ma la sensazione che non hai ricevuto il mio.
Il mio legame con la ricetta è
Latte rotoliGrazie per tutto!

Cindystar ha detto...

Vanesuky.... I got it!!!
Eventually I added your recipe!
It sholud be all ok now, thanks again for your patience!
A huge kiss!

Ila ha detto...

Great recipes, thanks to everyone and especially to Cinzia! I have already started baking some of these breads!!!

Vanesuky ha detto...

Gracias!!!!Gracias a ti por ponerlo!!

Un besazo enorme!

Cindystar ha detto...

Vane, me so glad too!

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