25 aprile 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 30

I have just spent a long weekend in Côte d'Azur, aka French Riviera,
and visited le Foire de Nice, looking for something 
I then found on my way back home in Milan at Cosmit :-)

But we had a nice time in Nice anyway,
and could not miss the opportunity to enjoy a super sandwich at lunchtime :-)

let's have one!

 let's have one together!


making raclette sandwich

creamy delicious raclette is spread over fragrant baguettes
and combined with generous slices of ham,


but that food kiosk is selling so many different kinds of salami and sausages,
offering special fair prices and combinations,


so difficult to decide which one to try,


 la mascotte
will the smiling piggy mascot give you help?

For lovely Susan and BWW, her weekly culinary photo event,
this week guest hosted @ Briggishome.

2 commenti:

Lynne Daley ha detto...

A feast-crusty bread with creamy cheese and ham, plus yummy sausages! Love the little piggy!

Cindystar ha detto...

Thank you, Lynn, and don't know why but that little piggy remind me of Muppets Show :-))

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