23 maggio 2012

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 34

News are very sad in these days from Italy, 
to Nature's unpredictable and totally unescapable force,
following the predestined and inevitable course of life,
often so unfair, 
that sooner or later will knock at your door
and pick you up to a better place.

Goodbye my beloved friend,
we'll meet again one day

tavola pasqua chez lella

and share more and more lovely moments around your happy colored festive table,

aperitivo pasqua chez lella

we'll toast again  to a new life,


free and peaceful as the little doves you liked so much.

For lovely Susan and BWW, her weekly culinary photo event,
this week guest hosted @  When My Soup Came Alive

2 commenti:

sra ha detto...

Sorry about the tragedies and the loss. Thank you for your entry, the table looks very beautiful.

Cindystar ha detto...

Thank you so much, Sra, can't wait to see the gallery! :-)

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