19 febbraio 2013

Black & White Wednesday - Week # 71

Shruthi of Food & Clicks is hosting this week BWW,
please do send your entries to 365sweetmemories AT gmail DOT com

 Homemade Gomashio

A Japanese dry condiment, 
made from unhulled sesame seeds (ごま, goma) and salt (塩, shio):
toasted sesame seeds grinded with salt 
in this special bowl called suribachi.

Thanks to chef Giovanni Allegro of Cascina Rosa,
where I spent a very interesting full-immersion weekend
about healthy and natural food and cuisine.

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3 commenti:

colombina ha detto...

Che bella foto, il condimento mi sembra delizioso. Un bacio!

Anonimo ha detto...

I have never made it, but that will change soon. I have a bowl like that too :)

Cindystar ha detto...

Colombina, grazie, e pendare che tante volte ci sbattiamo con la reflex e questa è fatta con l'Iphone :-)

Simo, great recipe, actually is very very very simple :-)
Will blog about it in a few days. have to buy that bowl first :-)

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