28 maggio 2013

Homemade Galuska for Pasta Please

Simona of Briciole is hosting this month challenge of Pasta Please, a pasta-centric event created by Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes.
Theme of the month is Homemade Pasta, and for us Italian is almost a sort of duty to be able to do at least some pasta some time in our life, as pasta is usually our daily meal.
I have already posted about different kind of homemade pasta - Homemade cavatelli - Blecs - Bigoli - Casunzèi - Maccheroni alla chitarra - Scialatielli - Testaroli  - Orecchiette pugliesi  - Pici toscani), but for this challenge I choose the last I learned a few days ago, and surprisingly not Italian!

Galuska are typically dumplings made with egg and flour to be added to Hungarian soups, mostly Gulyàs.
But they can be suitable for any sort of stew, vegetable soup, or just plain, with a drizzle of extravirgin olive oil (or butter) and some grated cheese on top, or with your favorite pasta sauce.
Simple to do, you just need an egg, a pinch of salt and as much flour as it the egg reuires, to have a consistent dough as shown in the picture (to have an idea about 3 tablespoons per egg).

facendo galuska-making galuska

Break the egg in a bowl, and whisk with a wooden spoon adding flour little by little, stirring vigorously and avoiding making lumps.
You need a special kitchentool (similar to the one used to make German spätzle), a sort of grater with large holes, and a hard spatula, preferably made in wood so it does not bend (I have also one in alluminium but it's not working well). And then a lot of your hand strength!
Very practiced cooks can do galuska by hand, using the wooden board you see on the left in the picture and a little knife (Susy shows at the beginning of the video).
Better to do on a pot of boinig water and then strain and pour into the soup, it's less stressing and easier to manage (just in case something goes wrong :-).

But there you can see my dear Hungarian friend Susy making galuska in the video!

Susy told me that an old custom for young people next to wedding time was to have galuska test: the girls were set to prepare the little dumplings by hand (as shown initially in the video, on the wooden board and with a little knife) and the only able to make the smallest was the right girl to marry! :-)

Pasta please

4 commenti:

Simona Carini ha detto...

Thank you so much, Cinzia, for the contribution to Pasta Please. I love the video. I need to find something that can play the role of the wooden spatula, because what Susy does looks like too much fun.

Cindystar ha detto...

Simona, if you find somebody capable with wood you can ask to make it! or maybe in some brocante markets ;-)

Susan ha detto...

As Simona said, it does look like fun. :}
Delicious little dumplings!

Cindystar ha detto...

Susan, thanks :-)

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