1 aprile 2011

No-Knead pizza style bites - BBD # 38

la ricetta in italiano qui

I am very confident with No-Knead bread, love it so much, never be disappointed and always be nicely appreciated by my guests.
I am hosting BBD # 38 this month (thanks again to Zorra, our charming founder) and choose to celebrate the easiest way to make bread with the less fatigue but the best result in a great No-Knead Festival.
The original recipe is by Jim Lahey, the owner of Sullivan Street Bakery on West 47th Street in Manhattan, but since then a lot of people all around the world made its own, trying new different shapes and sizes, different pots used, different flour mix, different yeasts, including sourdough.
In my new version of No-Knead bread I tried to reduce further more the size of the buns (I am not baking anymore in pots but divide the dough in buns and bake directly on hot baking pans), making very small pieces, a sort of pizza snacks, because the dough is stuffed with sundried tomatoes, oregano and smoked cheese. The result was super, more than expected, I was a little worried about rising time as I start "No-Kneading" late (as usual!). But the warmer temperature of these days has helped me (I put the bowl to rise in my veranda, wrapped in its blanket, with the sun reflecting from the windows) and what came out from the oven were delicious bites that promptly disappeared from the basket ... I am now thinking of other toppings, I find them perfect for buffets and aperitifs. You can freeze and heat in oven when needed, will be as freshly baked!

bocconcini senza impasto-no-knead bites

For 35/40 bites:

300 g kamut flour
200 g strong white flour
380 g lukewarm water
2 tablespoons extravirgin oil
10 g fresh yeast
12 g salt
70 g finely chopped sundried tomatoes
80 g grated smoked caciocavallo
(or any suitable cheese)
1 or 2 teaspoons oregano
extravirgin olive oil
Maldon salt or fleur de sel

bocconcino senza impasto-no-knead bite

- Put the 2 flours and salt in a large bowl and mix well. Add tomatoes, oregano and cheese and mix.
- Dissolve yeast in water, add oil and pour slowly into the bowl, mixing with a fork. Mix until well blended, should not see any flour at the bottom, if necessary add a little water (I did because kamut absorbs more). Cover with plastic wrap and let rise (better in a dark place, doughs are known to be shy, so put the bowl in the ovenor in a cupboard or wrap it in a towel or blanket) in a warm place for 3 hours. half an hour before expiring time turn on the oven to 220° and put baking pans inside.


facendo bocconcini - making bites

- Turn out the dough (will be sticky) on the floured work surface and with a floured knife halve it and then cut into small pieces. Arrange the pieces on baking tray quickly, sprinkle a little oil over and garnish with a pinch of salt. Put in oven immediately and bake for 15/20 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces.
- You can use less yeast, but rising times will be longer.

This recipe is also my entry to this week Susan's YeastSpotting
YeastSpotting Round up 4.22.11

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Emilia ha detto...

Non ho capito una mazza ma la foto me gusta...brava cara :-) bacio.

Alessia ha detto...

Complimenti per il blog! Mi sono appena iscritta, in modo da non perdere nessuna delle tue interessanti ricette...Anch'io da febbraio ne ho aperto uno. Ti do il link così puoi passare a farmi una visita e se ti piace diventare una mia sostenitrice. Eccolo:dolciedelizie-alyssia.blogspot.com/ A presto!

accantoalcamino ha detto...

Mi farò aiutare da Google :-( ma la "Italian Version per noi comuni "ignorantelle" mortali?
Comunque le foto parlano da sole, ciao e buon fine settimana :-)

accantoalcamino ha detto...

Ho visto :-( Ero stata ammaliata dalle foto :-)

titty ha detto...

belle foto e credo siano gustosi anche questi bocconcini ma non capisco tutto uffff

Cindystar ha detto...

Emilia, Libera (ti sei salvata in corner! :-)), Titty ... ma, ma, ma ... c'è il link a inizio ricetta per la versione in italiano,postata qualche ora prima :-)))), questa volta fare un post solo era troppo lungo!
Baci pizzettosi!

Alessia, grazie a te per la visita, sarà un piacere ricambiare!

Passata bene la domenica "estiva"? :-)

Melanie ha detto...

These look very yummy indeed!! When I saw the word pizza I knew I had to take a look. Definitely want to try these. Love your blog, although I only had one year of Italian in school. I'll need to brush up on my Italian:)

Cindystar ha detto...

Melanie, pizza is universal and friendly welcome everywhere! :-)
We'll brush up together, I will help you in Italian and you will in English for me!

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