7 marzo 2012

Black & White Citrus Week!

It's been a very busy citrus week! :-)
I had a lucky chance to buy some citrus boxes from an organic farm in Sicily:
  large size, very sweet and juicy, easy to peel and seedless,
fragrant and luscious lemons, so soft to squeeze.

 sicilian oranges

 sicilian lemons

Not time yet to enjoy a fresh lemon granita
(but I had a nostalgic thought to BWW#10),
so I patiently peeled and squeezed 20:
the zest in a big jar with alcohol,
in 20 days we'll have the best homemade limoncello,


the juice combined with water and sugar syrup in the freezer,
will be whisked into a nice sorbet next dinners with friends,
soon the recipe on-line, stay tuned :-)

making orange marmalade

A very large (and full!) bassine à confiture gave the whole house a wonderful citrus scent,
and filled my pantry of 14 new golden jars of the best marmalade I have ever had!
candied oranges

A long (but very easy) work for the whole week
to have the best candied oranges you can imagine (and smell!):
just in time to be used for the incoming Easter cakes and treats:
soon the recipe on-line, stay tuned :-)

A great load of vitamins,
will surely be a little help for Susan,
she's feeling a little better,
but I wish her to be back as a Queen in a short time!

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