21 marzo 2012

Black & White Epices à Marrakech

Last week I was in Marrakech, Morocco,
a fascinating and wonderful trip in a warm and sunny country.

 café des épices

Inside the Medina
(inscribed on the World Heritahge List since 1985),
a multitude of colorful, jovial, noisy souks,
selling thousand of so diverse goods,
whatever you don't have but immediately need to have.

spices and black soap


star anise

dried flower buds

Le Souk des épices (Spice market) is one of the most attractive:
dozens of spices, perfumes, soaps, fragrances, dried flowers, olis and creams,
 natural remedies such as crystals, roots, seeds or magic powders for each disease,
everything will catch your eyes and nose,
you will feel like Alice in Wonderland!

The most magical is le savon noir, Black Soap.

It is made ​​from macerated black olive juice, does not undergo any chemical treatment, contains no perfumes or dyes or preservatives, cleanses and nourishes the skin at the same time, thanks to the presence of vitamin E. It is used to scrub and exfoliate the skin especially during a Hammam steam bath. It is a soft soap 100% natural, on which for centuries North African women rely to get a soft and silky skin.

black soap-savon noir

Of course I did buy it,
don't really know if the one sold in the souks is 100% organic ... 
but can definetely assure is a great remedy for washing aluminum pans:
they will magically turn out beautiful bright as brand new!

Should you ever get there,
don't forget to have a lazy drink or a quick lunch on the terrasse of Café des Epices:
stunning view on the Medina will worth it!

café des épices

 For lovely Susan.

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Moki ha detto...

Ma non ci credo:giusto oggi stavo pensando di andare in Marocco per Pasqua! dovrò chiamarti,bellissime fotografie, come sempre.

Cindystar ha detto...

Moki, vai, corri, prenota subito :-), poi ci sentiamo per mail o telefono per le dritte :-)

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