28 marzo 2012

Black & White Vinitaly

Today is the last day to visit Vinitaly,
 the annual International Wine and Spirits Exhibition in Verona,
this year alongside with AgriFood, Quality Agro-Foods Event,
SOL, Internatioal Exhibition of Quality ExtraVirgin Olive Oil,
and Enolitech, the international appointment with innovative technology 
applied to the wine and olive oil value chain.

 This event has largely increased in the last years,
all Italian regions are showing their best wine production,
 a full immersion in so different wine tastings,
a place where to loose your identity and sense of direction :-)

I was there for a few hours, could not resist more,
too much crowded, too much to see and ...
... too much risky as everybody is offering you a glass of wine anytime!

 veneto hosting region
 Veneto, the hosting region

bardolino chiaretto
Bardolino Chiaretto, produced in our sourroundings

not only wine :-)
not only wine, it's always time for a Spritz!

co-stars :-)
exhibition's co-stars

vine grower friends
dear friends' excellent wine

pouring wine
pouring wine

tasting wine
tasting wine

pasta vintage car

  For lovely Susan.

 all pictures on Flickr

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